Undergraduate Teaching 2019-20

Part IIA Engineering Area requirements: Instrumentation and Control

Part IIA Engineering Area requirements: Instrumentation and Control

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Students intending to qualify in this Engineering Area must include 3F1 or 3F2 and at least five other modules from the list below. 

Number Title Notes
3B1 Radio Frequency Electronics
3B2 Integrated Digital Electronics
3B5 Semiconductor Engineering
3B6 Photonic Technology
3C5 Dynamics
3C6 Vibration
3F1 Signals and Systems
3F2 Systems and Control
3F3 Statistical Signal Processing
3F4 Data Transmission
3F7 Informationn Theory
3F8 Inference
3G4 Medical Imaging and 3D Computer Graphics
3M1 Mathematical Methods


Instrumentation and Control covers a range of topics which are important to the monitoring and control of  modern systems. B modules cover basic circuits and device technology and F modules cover the representation, capture and manipulation of signals. The C modules cover the relevant engineering aspects of mechanical systems.

Students are strongly advised to take both 3F1 and 3F2.

Specialist advice on this Engineering Area can be obtained from the Engineering Area coordinator, Professor M Smith

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