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Undergraduate Teaching Office contact details

Undergraduate Teaching Office contact details

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The Undergraduate Teaching Office organises and oversees the provision of undergraduate courses, projects and teaching activities.  The Office is located on the office floor of the Baker building.

General administrative enquiries about undergraduate teaching matters can be made here.

Individual contact details of Undergraduate Teaching Office staff are as follows:

Dr Colm Durkan, Deputy Head of Department (Teaching), tel: (7)60301

Prof Seb Savory, Director of Undergraduate Education, tel: (3)32883

Alison Burgess, Administrative Officer, tel: (3)32619

Alison looks after examinations and much of the teaching administration, including TODB, teaching allocations and timetabling.  Her normal days in the office are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Anna Constantas, Administrative Officer, tel: (7)62423

Looking after Faculty Board plus the Teaching and Examinations Committees in addition to various projects. 

Mary Wilby, Senior Administrator (Teaching Office), tel: (3)32704

Teaching Office Manager

Klara Cichovska, Administrator (Teaching Office), tel: (3)32625

Examples papers & classes Coordinator, Teaching Office enquiries, Preparatory Problems Coordinator, Part IIB Exam Secretary.

Velissa Dimitrova: Administrator,  tel: (3)32807

Supports examinations, TODB, the Faculty Board and room bookings, Part IB Exam Secretary and Panopto enquiries

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