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Part IIA Engineering Area requirements: Information and Computer Engineering

Part IIA Engineering Area requirements: Information and Computer Engineering

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Students intending to qualify in this Engineering Area must include at least six of the modules listed below.

Number Title Notes
3F1 Signals and Systems
3F2 Systems and Control
3F3 Statistical Signal Processing
3F4 Data Transmission
3G4 Medical Imaging and 3D Computer Graphics
3F7 Information Theory
3F8 Inference
3M1 Mathematical Methods


Information and Computer Engineering covers the digital representation and processing of signals and data. It extends from the theory of signals, systems and information, through to data communication and to the manipulation of data via computer programs. 3F1, 3F3, 3F7, 3F8 and 3M1 cover the theoretical fundamentals and mathematical tools needed across this area of engineering. Candidates for this area with an interest in data communications will take 3F4 after taking 3F7. Those with an interest in machine learning will take 3F3 and 3F8 that prepare for a number of follow-up modules in the 4th year. 3F1, 3F3 and 3F7 also lead to applications in stochastic signal processing covered in 4th year modules. Finally, those with an interest in control will take 3F1 and 3F2. Candidates with a stronger interest in control should also consider " Instrumentation and Control" as an alternative engineering area.

Specialist advice on this Engineering Area can be obtained from the Engineering Area coordinator, Dr J Sayir.

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