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Membership of the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs)

Membership of the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs)

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Joining a Professional Engineering Institution is a great way to network with professionals in your area and can be a fantastic source of support and information throughout your career.  See the individual PEI webpages for further details of the benefits of joining each institution or talk to the Department's institutional liaison officers for further information.

The Department strongly encourages staff to join the PEIs which relate to their area(s) and has a policy of paying the annual membership fees (subject to various conditions which are detailed below).

Accrediting bodies and CUED institutional liaison officers

Acronym Institution Liaison officer


Institution of Civil Engineers

Membership benefits

Dr D Liang


Institution of Structural Engineers

Membership benefits

Dr J Orr


Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Membership benefits

Dr DJ Cole


Institution of Engineering and Technology

Membership benefits

Prof TD Wilkinson


Royal Aeronautical Society

Membership benefits

Dr J P Jarrett


Institute of Measurement and Control

Membership benefits

Professor M C Smith


Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

Membership benefits

Dr D Liang


Institute of Highway Engineers

Membership benefits

Dr D Liang


Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Membership benefits

Dr GM Treece

Department policy on contributing to PEI membership fees

To encourage colleagues to join the relevant PEI for their area the Department will pay the annual membership fee for Membership or Fellowship of one PEI licensed by the UK Engineering Council for all University Lecturers, University Senior Lecturers, Readers and Professors in the Department, plus the annual CEng registration fee (where appropriate).  The conditions of the Department's policy are as follows:

  • the Department will only pay annual fees;
  • the Department will only pay for one set of membership fees per staff member;
  • the policy only applies for University Lecturers, University Senior Lecturers, Readers and Professor.  The Department does not normally pay for PEI membership for research posts or honorary or college posts (although at the discretion of the Head of Department special cases may be made on a personal basis in recognition that a colleague is making a significant ongoing contribution to the course.  In such cases the payments will be for a defined period.);
  • the Department can only fund membership fees for UK PEIs which are registered with the Engineering Council.   Staff can use their own discretionary accounts to pay fees for any other institutions as a legitimate business expense;
  • the Department  will only pay for Membership, or Fellowship or equivalent - not Associate Membership or more junior associations;
  • the Department will also pay for the CEng registration fee, where appropriate.

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